In addition to the growing and popular social cyber communities such as myspace, facebook, xanga, friendster, bebo, and others, the following sites offer the ability to create a personal blog or journal. Many of these alternate blogging services are provided with little or no advertisements as part of personal spaces. Most offer a level of security settings that the user can control access and functionalty through. As with all cyber community systems, users should read the terms of useage and take full advantage of custom settings and privacy settings to provide optimum protection from inappropriate behavor or access. Common sense and a watchful eye is a must.

 blog Safety Ning is a leading online platform alternative for social media for families and organizations. Design a custom social experience in under a minute giving you the power to mobilize, organize,share, and protect privacy online. Subscription rates begin at $2.95 per month for an entire social network site for your family or organization.
 blog Safety Free- forum, where parents, teens, educators, and experts discuss and learn about safe blogging and social networking.
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MyChurch is the best way for a church to build an online community. Free to approved schools and districts, no ads. Turns students into multimedia authors for a global community and allows peers to think and learn together with secure blogs, email, and workspaces. Ideal for elementary, middle, and high schools