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Why Is It So Important to Pay Attention to Technology and Media?
Dr. David Walsh, founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family, has the answer.

Computer Screen Time May Be Associated With High Blood Pressure In Young Children (Science Daily April 2009)

Common Sense Family Media Use Agreement (Middle school age)

Common Sense Family Media Use Agreement (High school age)

Chat Roulette - What You Need to Know

South Carolina Internet Safety Standards

S.C. House Bill proposal on Sexting (Feb 2, 2010)

Net Cetera - Chatting with Kids About Being Online

South Carolina Internet Safety Awareness Instructional Standards, K-12

Executive Summary of Public Law 110-385 (1492) Broad Band including Internet Safety

Internet Safety: How to protect yourself from online risks (PDF)
A Senior Exhibition - Emily Cavu Carson - Heathwood Hall School


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